Representation for the leadership of the SF Sheriff's Department - Bargaining Unit 12b.

About Us

Like every sheriff's office throughout California, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is composed of sworn deputy sheriffs and sworn ranking supervisors-- sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and chief deputies. Since the mid-1950s, all sworn employees in the Sheriff’s Department had been represented by a single bargaining unit (often generically referred to as a “union”).

Over the years, the unique working condition and contract needs of supervisors diverged from that of other sworn employees. In October 2007 a group of 46 supervisors met and the decision was made to create an independent bargaining unit dedicated to the representation of San Francisco Sheriff’s supervisors.

After an overwhelming vote by all Department supervisors and command staff, the SF Sheriff’s Managers & Supervisors Association (MSA) was formed to create a separate bargaining unit. In April 2010, the MSA made San Francisco labor history when it was certified by the Department of Human Resources as the City’s first contested new bargaining unit in decades.

We contracted with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, to provide legal representation and an array of organizational support for our members. In 2010, the MSA was designated FOP Lodge 51.

The MSA represents the sworn command staff, managers, and supervisors of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department-- sergeants, lieutenants and captains; approximately 100 law enforcement professionals serving the people of San Francisco 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Sheriff’s Department supervisors manage the City’s six county jails, oversee security in the criminal and civil courts, the Hall of Justice, City Hall, the Department of Public Health including San Francisco's Zuckerberg General Hospital and Trauma Center and many other public government locations throughout San Francisco. Sheriff’s Department supervisors also work with the San Francisco Police Department and other Bay Area law enforcement agencies to provide mutual law enforcement aid in times of crisis or major San Francisco and Bay Area events.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s MSA is dedicated to serving its members with professional advocacy, legal defense, labor management expertise, and a host of other services. A critical component of the MSA's mission is providing and promoting state-of-the-art staff training and education.

The MSA serves the people of San Francisco by its commitment to the highest ethical and professional law enforcement standards in the nation.

MSA Mission and Vision: We are a labor organization of professional law enforcement managers dedicated to public safety and community service. Our core values are responsibility and respect, honesty and integrity, fairness and diversity. The MSA is committed to providing and promoting state-of-the-art staff training, development and education.

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